Sheree’s $2 Lunches (Week 5’s Humanitarian Project), The Planet Humanity Project

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to week 5’s Humanitarian post. This week it is a short post about a wonderful person who has taken the initiative to help children in Tauranga, New Zealand. Her initiative is to provide school lunches for children for $2.00 NZD. She also drops the lunches off in the morning freshly made Monday-Friday.

All parents need to do is internet bank their money by Friday every week to allow for this wonderful person to provide lunches for our New Zealand Tamariki (Children). The packs include brown or multi grain bread sandwiches, which change every week some day’s it will be a very yummy ham sandwich or a sweet, scrumptious jam sandwich, they also receive nutritious carrot wheels, home baked goods such as muffins or cookies and a packet of chips as a treat.

The variations of lunches available for as little as $2 per child are an absolutely amazing initiative and it helps so many parents to not have to worry about getting their children to school on time, trying to find something to put in their lunch box and it saves so much money. This is an awesome idea that was started by the amazing Sheree who runs Sheree’s $2 lunches, Tauranga. Based in New Zealand. It was created to help provide affordable lunches for struggling families which is an absolutely brilliant idea.

This week we have made a one off $10.00 NZD Donation to this wonderful cause to help with providing some of the food this service needs to be able to create enough $2 lunches for each child. Find out how you can make a one off donation, or a weekly donation and how you can gift food to this wonderful cause. By checking out the image below:



We would also like to say thank you to Sheree for providing an amazing initiative in Tauranga, New Zealand. You have created something for everyone and we would like to say we truly appreciate your efforts.

To find out more you can also checkout Sheree’s $2 lunches, Tauranga on facebook via this link:

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