The Benefits of Adult Colouring – The Planet Humanity Project in association with Whitcoulls. (Week 4 Humanitarian Project)

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to week 4 of our humanitarian blog posts. This week we have a very exciting trend that adults are taking part in lately. It is a trend which has taken the world by storm! You may be taking part in this trend as well, can you guess what trend I am talking about this week? If you guessed Adult Colouring then you are absolutely right.

This week I had the opportunity to work with Whitcoulls to research what the benefits of adult colouring are. I was then provided with the very popular adult colouring book named The Mindfulness Colouring Book (Anti-stress art therapy for busy people) by Emma Farrarons. You can purchase your book from Whitcoulls for $20.99 NZD the link to find out how you can purchase yours now will be included at the end of this post.


Emma Farrarons is a French Illustrator and graphic designer who was born in Cebu in the Phillipines but grew up in Paris, France. She became skilled in the art of illustration and found a passion for pattern and fabric print and now illustrates and designs books, posters and stationary (Farrarons, 2015).

This particular colouring book was designed with the aim to improve adults mindfulness for themselves and for others. It is a colouring book that is designed to help adults remain focused on one task while at the same time clearing the mind of any other stressful tasks that may be on their mind to complete. It is also a book that can be used as a tool for taking part in mindfulness meditation. These are the main aims that this colouring book was created for, but does it live up to its reasons for being published?

My answer is yes it does, in fact it does more than just de-stress a person’s mind from the stressful tasks of the day. As I looked through the book to choose a page to colour I found myself thinking about the lines on each page, what did the pattern look like for example, was it an orange or was it a leaf, would I want to colour a printed design or a solid outlined design. Already my mind started to focus on making a solid decision. This was something very simple yet very significant as I am originally an indecisive person yet I was able to make a decision and I decided to try and colour a two page print which you can see below.


Isn’t it a fantastic design to color in? And so I also had a packet of Staedtler TriPlus Fiber-Tips assorted brilliant colours pack of 20 which you can purchase from Whitcoulls for $59.99 NZD you also receive 20% off for a limited time. The link to find out how you can purchase your goods will be included at the bottom of this post. They were a fabulous art tool to be able to use as they were extremely easy to use to be able to color in tight and small corners without smudging or going outside of the lines.

So I sat down in my room and turned my radio on, I had my relaxing sweatshirt on and a pair of fitness pants to add to the comfort of relaxation colouring. I suggest you also wear some comfortable clothes while colouring to relax in.

As the music played I started to choose one pattern to colour at a time – I decided to start with the colour purple and then I went on to choose the colour pink, I then used green and as I continued to colour I noticed my mind starting to focus on colouring. I was starting to decide on which colours I would use throughout the whole pattern on both pages, I chose to also include yellow and eventually orange and green over and over again, I was making a decision without hesitation without doubting if it would look amazing or not, I just knew that the colours would work together and that was the theme I was going to continue with throughout both pages. so I continued to colour for 2 hours completely concentrating on the task at hand, all the worries that I had for the week ahead slowly started to melt away from my mind, I became mindful of just enjoying and being in the present moment and that was something beautiful.

When I completed the colouring task I felt a sense of joy, a sense of happiness and a sense of achievement, I had created this wonderful creation just by making the right choices in which colours to use, focusing on the task in front of me and being present in the moment. You can see my finished pages below and let me know your thoughts on my creation in the comments section below.


Once I had completed colouring in my section of my chosen pages I asked family members to look at the pages I coloured and to tell me what they thought and felt one person said they liked how the page of colour showed a bright energy, They also enjoyed feeling the texture on the page of the tools I used to colour with, another family member said it shows happiness and peace and another decided to start colouring in a piece of their own and are currently becoming more and more determined to complete the task as their sole focus for colouring. This was a person that usually would stop a task after 5 minutes.

So out of all the experience I have had to take part in adult colouring this week, thanks to Whitcoulls let’s summarize what the benefits of adult colouring are.

First of all, this particular colouring book The Mindfulness Colouring Book (Anti-Stress art therapy for busy people) by Emma Farrarons. Helps with making fast yet efficient decisions for indecisive people not only about coloring but life in general, It is a relaxing and meditative task that allows the mind to become focused and mindful of enjoying the present moment also not only in colouring, but in being mindful of enjoying life in the present moment. Whether it be coloring or cooking the level of focus increases, which also increases the level of living joyfully in the present moment.

Furthermore another benefit of adult colouring is that adults share their colouring in projects with each other, people have created Facebook pages where strangers from all over the world share their creations providing an online community and a place to connect over a common ground. More people are talking to each other not only online but in person where communities are creating colouring clubs and choosing a theme to colour every week and talk about.

Therefore the benefits of Adult Colouring all around the world are endless and if you haven’t tried your hand at colouring then why not give it a go and see what all the hype is about. Best of all you can start now by looking through Whitcoulls wide variety of adult colouring books and colouring tools all you have to do is check out this link they have all your adult colouring needs sorted. Or simply go into one of your closest Whitcoulls store to purchase everything you need to start taking part in the world wide trend of Adult Colouring.


The Planet Humanity Project by Princezz Pinkz

All Rights Reserved, 2015.

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Farrarons (2015) The Mindfulness of Adult Colouring, Boxtree, Oxford.


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