Suicide Prevention Post One by Princezz Pinkz

Hi Everyone,

A sensitive subject has been brought to my attention by a staff member when they discovered a blog about a person wanting to take their life. So I am writing this piece to bring awareness to suicide prevention.

This is something that has always been hard for me to talk about because for me, I get afraid of the judgement that may come from speaking out as a person who has lost a friend to suicide. But I am now speaking out as a person affected by the loss of a loved one by suicide. This is in the attempt to raise awareness for Suicide prevention and to let those know in the world who have lost someone to suicide that they are not alone and that we are all in this together.

So this is part one of my suicide prevention diary: (Please note I am writing this when I am 24 years old, It has been 8 years since I lost one of my friends to suicide. Please note no names will be used and at times graphic scenes may be written about)

Dear Diary Part One:

I woke up today 15 years old just a teenager looking for my friend and at this stage all sorts of thoughts are running through my head such as “But I checked on them 2 minutes ago, and they were safely in their room how can I get up now and they are gone, nowhere to be found”. All I remember is the whistle in my head at the time I did not know that this was the sound of death. Please do not judge my friend, because you may not understand that this was a good person and it is brave of me to share. So I rush down the stairs and out the door to discover exactly where they went. I felt my heart racing and my blood pumping through my veins as I did not want to believe my kind, loving, caring and gentle friend could be gone within minutes. At this point I wanted this to just be a nightmare and for someone to wake me up and say don’t worry they are still here, But this was not a dream, it was in fact reality.

so my message for everyone today is please reach out for help if you are feeling depressed or you are feeling affected by the loss of a friend by suicide please reach out for help. Find your nearest free counselling service, anonymous phone line, a therapist or anyone that could help.

Saving a Human one day at a time is the mission for this suicide prevention diary by Princezz Pinkz.

All Contents Rights Reserved to Princezz Pinkz Media

xox Princezz Pinkz



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