Let’s keep unwell children in need warm in 2017 by supporting Jammies in June by donating a pair of pajamas to our cause.

Hi everyone,

In the month of June 2017 we have decided to take part in an initiative run by Middlemore Foundation Auckland New Zealand called Jammies in June. Jammies in June is run because over 320-700 children are admitted to the Kidz First Emergency department and hospital wards every year at Middlemore Hospital located in Auckland New Zealand and quite often families are unable to afford to buy flannelette pajamas to help keep children warm throughout the winter months here in New Zealand. Pajamas of this quality also help to prevent children from becoming seriously unwell.

Another story that inspired us to get behind supporting Jammies in June 2017 is one from my very own mother who is unwell at the moment. She told me a story about a woman who had a 10 year old son that was fighting his battle against cancer at the Kidz First hospital for around 6 months and throughout the whole time this strong woman would basically live in the hospital while also trying to figure out how to pay her bills, rent, medical expenses, parking expenses etc so she could stay with her son through his illness. But one day she needed a social worker’s help because she was not coping but she was worried that she needed more help to help her get through this tough time with her and her 10 year old son. So she saved her very last amount of income for that week to pay to see a social worker to help her get through this tough time, but when my mum heard the story and the woman told my mum that she could not afford to buy her son pajamas so he felt like a child and felt comfortable through his illness, but she knew she also had to get help for herself and she would figure out how to buy pajamas the next week – my mum kindly told the lady to keep her money to buy pajamas for her son and My mum paid for this lovely woman’s social work session fee so the woman would be able to buy pajamas for her son battling cancer. The woman was very grateful, was able to have her therapy session and buy her son five pairs of pajamas one pair for every night of the week that he was in hospital. Fortunately, her 10 year old son won his battle against cancer after 6 months of intense care in which they then moved on with life. The woman and my mum wish to remain anonymous in this story.

This is one of the reasons why we are supporting Jammies in June 2017. The children of our country are our future and families are understandably struggling to provide pajamas for their precious children due to different reasons in our struggling communities.

We here at The Planet Humanity Project are collecting flannelette new pajamas for unwell children in need. You can either drop your pajamas straight to us please call or text us on 02108574128 (+642108574128 for international callers) or email us at tphpo@outlook.com for The Planet Humanity Project drop off /postal address if you would like to drop a new pair of children’s pajamas to us for children aged 1-16 years who are very sick and suffering from Cancer, Rheumatic Fever, Breathing Problems, Urinary Infections and so much more! and we will make sure each child receives a pair on our visit to drop off a bunch of pajamas to The Middlemore Foundation here in Auckland New Zealand.

Alternatively you can send, drop off or post a cheque straight to The Middlemore Foundation via the methods below:

Drop off Pyjamas
To Middlemore Foundation
​Level 3, Bray Building
100 Hospital Road
Otahuhu, 2025

Post the Pyjamas 
Middlemore Foundation
Level 3, Bray Building
100 Hospital Road
Otahuhu, 2025
Post a cheque 
Middlemore Foundation
Private Bag 93320
Otahuhu, 1640

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My Name is Sheridan, I am the owner-operator behind The Planet Humanity Project and I am supporting Jammies in June 2017.

To find out more about Jammies in June simply follow this link: http://www.middlemorefoundation.org.nz/jammies-in-june.html

To donate new flannelette pajamas to The Planet Humanity Project in support of Jammies in June simply contact us at tphpo@outlook.com or +642108574128

Written by Sheridan O’Donnell

The Planet Humanity Project

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