Hi Everyone, Our owner/operator chooses to stay out of the public eye so that services in need and the work we do is recognized. However, tonight she’s breaking her silence to announce her appreciation for this award.

My project The Planet Humanity Project is ranked in the top 6 for the best community project in New Zealand and I made it as a semifinalist for young New Zealander of the year out of 1098 nominees. Thank you to everyone involved 22 charities helped over 12 months and counting. I look forward to what the rest of the Year brings, I’m grateful, humbled and proud of all those that never stopped believing in something that was just an idea and grew bigger than I ever believed it would. Thank you to everyone, my friends, family, sponsors, volunteers, followers, bloggers, everyone involved, the person that nominated me and the judges that saw potential in my project at The New Zealander of the Year Awards 2017. Also, congratulations to all the category and medal winners.

Sheridan – Creator and Owner/Operator of The Planet Humanity Project.

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All Image rights reserved, 2017.


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