August, 2016. Clayton Park Primary School Raffle.

Hi Everyone,

So it is nearing the end of August and as you know we always write about the charity we helped and the service that supported us for the month. This month we faced a bit of a challenge – a communication challenge. We decided to help a charity who feed the homeless, we were able to help this charity with a weekly donation of bread from Wild Wheat New Zealand. This was very lenient of the service. We are not naming the charity as we do not want to cause attention or negative media to the cause. However, we contacted this particular charity twice to let them know they could pick up free donations of bread to help feed the homeless. However, communication failed us this time and as a result, we were unable to provide this for their charity as they did not take advantage of the offer. However, they were able to still regularly feed the homeless each week without the extra help so that is a great outcome for the service.

The good news is we found an awesome local cause to support which is a young librarian who works for the Clayton Park Primary School who wishes to remain anonymous. She was advertising that she needed family related donations for raffles she was putting together for a fundraiser she is running to help buy new books for the school students. We thought this was a great local school library we could support so we donated 1 x Bounce DanceFit Fitness class free pass voucher the voucher is valued at $24.00, with no expiry date and is valid for 2 Adults and 2 Children to use.

The librarian was very grateful for the donation which she added to the parents raffle – she was making up three raffle packs one for adults, one for a boy child and one for a girl child. What an awesome little local community project we could get involved with. We would like to thank Wild Wheat New Zealand for their efforts you can check out their website here:  And we would like to Thank Bounce DanceFit in The Gardens, New Zealand for supporting an awesome local cause.

The Planet Humanity Project, All Written Rights Reserved, 2016.


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