Week 11: The Music Boy – The Planet Humanity Project

Hi Everyone, In week 11 we were shopping for aworkable cause and as we entered the building at Countdown Mangere, Auckland, NZ, we came across a young boy playing his guitar, and so we stopped to ask him what his name is and what he busking for – he showed us his sign which showed which instruments he had raised enough money to buy and which ones he still needed.

He said he still needed an amplifier and a bass – we then asked what he needed it for and he said he wants to start a band when he grows up so he’s raising money for his instruments – his name is Tyrone and so we gave him a few coins and told him we would send more people in his way – we also recommended that he inquire about going to music school and as we left he had a smile of joy on his face and excitement that someone was interested in what he wanted to do for a living.

The joy and smile on these youths face warmed our hearts it was a blessing to see that a young boy knew what he wanted to do with his life, but just needed that small bit of encouragement to find his way in the music world. Do what you can to help give our youth a better future since they are the next generation, they are our future leaders.

Tune in next week to see who we help in week 12 of our aim to help those in need every week.

-The Planet Humanity Project

All rights reserved, 2015.


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