Join our team in the Dry July, New Zealand challenge! xox Princezz Pinkz

We are a new International Humanitarian and Inspirational Magazine and Media Service. We are taking on the Dry July New Zealand challenge. This is in the attempt to help us take notice of our habits of drinking alcohol throughout the month. For all the donations raised if you join our team all proceeds will be donated to Auckland Region and Northland Hospitals.

The Northern Regional Cancer and Blood Service at Auckland City Hospital supports patients from all over New Zealand’s upper North Island, from Northland to South Auckland, covering a population of 1.6 million people or 38 per cent of New Zealand. The centre sees up to 300 patients per day. Funds raised by Dry July support projects aimed at improving patient comfort at Auckland City Hospital as well as Counties Manukau Health, Northland DHB, and Waitemata DHB.

So Join our team now and come on a journey with us to go Dry in July! You can follow our stories and how we get through dry July via our editor’s blog! We will also be looking for your stories to post about your experience throughout the month. So come and join our team in this month of July, help us raise funds and let’s follow each other’s journey’s.

You can join our team via this link:

The Team at Princezz Pinkz Media

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