TPHP November Charity Challenge.

In the month of November TPHP set out a November Charity Challenge, In this challenge, those that wished to accept the challenge to give to a charity of their choice were given the opportunity to do this and write in to us as well as send a photo along about what they did and who they helped. Originally we had around 4-5 people agree to the challenge, but only 2 of them ended up being able to complete the challenge, but hey, that’s ok as it’s the thought that counts and over here we understand that people get busy so hard feelings.

The first story is that a Zumba instructor is started collecting cans for a hamper to be donated to people in need at the moment she is looking at donating these cans to The Spirit of Christmas New Zealand which is a group of people who create hampers and deliver the hampers to solo parents in need in Christmas eve in time for Christmas Day.

The next successful project completed is a wonderful story of Angela Rauhihi and Family. This is their story below:

We for this month we decided to help out the SPCA by making dog toy tug ropes. The kids had a lot of fun and had 3 rubbish bags full of sweets to make some pretty long tug ropes that they desperately need at the moment. We enjoyed making them and since Scato isn’t too fussed on the toys she’s quite happy just chilling out with the kids. Thank you for putting the challenge up and motivating us, especially the kids really enjoyed it.”

We would like to thank everyone for taking part in the November Charity Challenge. We would like to congratulate everyone on completing this challenge and helping charities and projects in need.

To check out more information about the SPCA follow this link

To Find out more information about The Spirit of Christmas New Zealand follow the link here:

Written by Angela Rauhihi and Sheridan O’Donnell

All written rights reserved, November 29th 2016.


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