Hope Rescue South Auckland, New Zealand. Week 7’s Humanitarian Project.

Hi Everyone, Welcome to week 7 of our Humanitarian Projects that we get involved with here at The Planet Humanity Project. This week we have donated $10.00NZD dollars to our local community Animal shelter named Hope Rescue South Auckland.

Hope Rescue South Auckland is a no kill animal shelter based in South Auckland, New Zealand. Their mission is to protect and help abandoned, unwanted, stray and abused animals in this area. They also aim to educate the community on how to best care for their animals alongside also aiming to find forever homes for animals that come into their care. This service also goes above and beyond as they offer help with catching animals for their welfare. They also have affordable desexing options available.


Hope Rescue South Auckland established this animal welfare centre in 2004 after they saw a need in the community for stray animals to be helped they also saw a need for the community to become more educated on how to best look after their pets. They also saw a need in the community to express how important it is to have animals desexed and vaccinated to prevent unwanted injuries and ill health.

It is also expressed that this service would love to have a tonne of volunteers on board. Ideally, they would love to have someone who could come in and help with cleaning and feeding of the animals for just 1-2 hours a day. If this sounds like something you would be able to do please get in contact with the service via the details at the bottom of this post.

There are four volunteers that run this rescue from their four homes. The dream for this service is to one day open a Hope Rescue Shop where they could raise funds to help the animals in need. Hope Rescue South Auckland also currently runs regular garage sales, a Facebook network and more.

The staff at this service, express that they are motivated to help animals because they all love them and it breaks their heart to see animals hurt and wish for no animal abuse and for them to find their happy homes. One of the main messages that this service would love to get out to the world is that they would like to express how important it is to desex your animals and is very important alongside vaccinating your animals which is also very important.

As part of a success story I will be sharing how this service saved my Kitten Connor. You see this stray malnourished kitten kept running around my house in the back yard and so one day I decided to see if he was hungry, so I went outside with a piece of ham in my hand and crawled to the ground and slowly called him towards me – I did not know if he would come to me in fact I thought he might run away and he was so scared and so frightened so I called quietly and he made his way slowly towards me I placed the piece of ham on the ground for him to eat and he started eating knowing that he could trust me.


I felt so sorry for him as he munched it up so fast he looked like he had not eaten in so many day’s so I gave him another piece and then he disappeared to where I do not know. But this sweet kitten only looked about 6 months old and I thought how could someone just abandon such a sweet young kitten. So every day at 4pm I decided to wait for him to see if he would come back and he did for the whole week. I was unsure if he had a home as he seemed to just disappear for hours on end. Then one day he came and he had a huge cat bite in his chest, he was so brave standing tall and acting Like it did not hurt at all. But I could not leave him like that so I went down to Kmart and brought a cat carrier, I was on a budget so I had to make do with what I could find, then I had to get him inside the cat cage and me and my brother took him to the vets where he received some antibiotics and got him all cleaned up plus a vaccination – we tried to keep him inside but as he was not desexed yet he had a tendency to roam for hours on end and was very jumpy and bit quiet a lot.

However the next day he came home with another cat bite, but this time on his eye and I rushed him back into the vet where they cleaned him up again. But our vet bills were getting higher and higher and our vet kept putting off his desexing appointment that we had made so we decided maybe we won’t be able to afford to look after him maybe we should give him a good home and just sponsor him until he gets adopted – so we went ahead and called Hope Rescue South Auckland to tell them our situation. They were very helpful as instead of taking him, which they would of they asked us necessary questions and we all cried because we thought he was going into their care, but the wonderful lady let us know that we could get him desexed for free at their veterinary. So we headed in the next day and got our precious boy desexed. He was groggy when we picked him up and we kept him inside for about a week so he could heal.

He turned into the most loving, playful, lazy kitten anyone could have ever asked for. And he is now nearly three year’s old. He is healthy, happy still very playful, he loves having a bath, playing fetch with his balls and eating temptations biscuits he absolutely loves biscuits. Everyone who meets Connor is always astonished by his good manners and playful attitude and I could not imagine life without him and I aim to give him a long wonderful life.

hazel eyes

If you would like to make a donation to help Hope Rescue South Auckland then put one through to their bank account which is: 02 0358 0064762 000

You can also checkout their Give a little page via this link:https://givealittle.co.nz/org/hoperescue

or Follow them on Facebook via this link: https://www.facebook.com/Hope.rescue.sth.auck?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

xox Princezz Pinkz

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