TPHP Help the Auckland City Mission this September 2017.

Hi everyone,

So it’s been awhile, but has been utterly busy with a new job in a hospital and the passing of our beautiful mum life has been hectic. But I’m here to share that in September 2017 we gave a whole bunch of toiletries to the Auckland City Mission here in Auckland, New Zealand. My brother and I stopped into the building after a long work day with 2 boxes of toiletries for the city homeless who meet at the Auckland City Mission every Friday night for a free dinner. When we walked passed there were a few homeless men sitting outside who were hungry, but missed out on the dinner so we Ran across the road and brought them something light to eat too. We then walked into the Auckland City Mission building and were greeted with very warm and welcoming homeless people they greeted us with smiles and on some faces I could see relief it was like two angels walked in that night and all of a sudden the room lit up with hope for a better night.

You can find more information about how you can get involved with The Auckland City Mission via this link:



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