Polar Bears: No Power Hour

Hi to everyone,

This week we have planned to have a no power day in support of raising awareness to help polar bears. But with the tragic events that occurred this week we decided that we would instead have a power hour, so we went and used uber to get to our local outdoor swimming pool for 2 hours today, we managed to not use any power for a whole 2 hours instead we took it as an opportunity to actually spend time with each other as lately we have been super glued to our phones as a coping method for the events that took place this week, so instead we put the phones away we jumped in the pool had a swim around and then we decided to walk around the tree’s and keep nature beautiful.

Our next no power hour will include playing board games such as classic board games like monopoly, an IQ Brain train game that was gifted to us, and maybe we will play cards too. So instead of doing a whole day of no power we are going to aim to have a no power hour at least once a day throughout the month of February to help raise awareness for a polar bear’s survival in the Arctic.

Let us know how you are raising awareness to help Polar Bears this month we would absolutely love to hear your stories.

The Planet Humanity Project




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