week 6’s humanitarian project Removed an Recycled by The Planet Humanity Project.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to week 6 of our humanitarian projects, this week we are blogging about an awesome community cause which we have taken part in. It is a community project named Removed an Recyled which you can join via the link at the bottom of this blog post.

This wonderful, kind and trusting person collect’s used goods that you no longer need from your house they can collect anything from old lawn mowers, microwaves, electrical products, household goods you no longer need, they also offer services such as lawn care, water blasting, rubbish removal and so much more the services are endless. The beauty of it is that some services are free and those services that cost are at an affordable price plus they give you a quote before they arrive isn’t that handy?

We highly recommend that the community in Auckland, New Zealand use this service as they also are able to use your goods that you don’t need to create like new products to be sold for an affordable price to others, they can also fix certain products for you or for someone else. Now that is something amazing isn’t it?

We had a microwave that had blown up which we had sitting out in the back yard for months and we had no idea where we could put it or how we could throw it out, we also had a lawn mower that had blown up sitting in the back yard and we also had no clue of how we were going to dispose of it, we also had body boards that were falling apart which were not usable also sitting in our yard.

You guessed it, we also did not know what we were going to do with these and then we came across an advertisement on the community page The Manukau Grapevine and a post from a man who runs the recycled an reused page came up so we went ahead and contacted them, in which they replied straight away, they were very friendly and easy to contact and also let us know that they could pick up all the things we had free of charge and sure enough they were able to collect all of these items within a fast time frame so we were also not waiting around either, they had safety gear on and gloves as well which was absolutely awesome.
The person that runs this wonderful cause is friendly, fast in responding and very honest, trustworthy and reliable.
Why not support this service and also find someone in your community in which you could give your no longer wanted household goods to because as the saying goes your trash maybe someone else’s treasure.
Join the group removed an recycled on facebook to find out more information on the service mentioned in this weeks humanitarian blog post via this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/212430385634217/
Don’t forget to tune in to see what humanitarian project we get involved with in week 7.
The Planet Humanity Project by Princezz Pinkz
All rights reserved, 2015.
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