The Kitten Inn need our help in May-June 2017

Hi everyone,

It’s the end of May and the beginning of June. In May 2017 we also helped an amazing and wonderful Kitten rescue based in Wellington, New Zealand with help from The Planet Humanity Project.

The Kitten Inn is a registered charitable trust based in Kelson, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. The Kitten Inn pride themselves on fostering pregnant cats and kittens from throughout the Wellington region. They also offer discounted desexing from time to time.

The main aims The Kitten Have are as follows:

* To promote the responsible desexing of cats
* Provide sanctuary and care for pregnant cats, and/or kittens
* Find loving new homes for the kittens and cats when they are ready for adoption.

The Kitten Inn will also be running a gold coin donation desexing initiative did you know it actually costs $5 per male cat to be desexed but the public will be able to have their male cats desexed for a small gold coin donation from October 1st 2017 onward.


The lovely story that leads us to wanting to help The Kitten Inn is that we saw an array of beautiful kittens come into The Kitten Inn’s care as a litter that someone left outside the shelter home and we fell absolutely in love with this little gray litter of kittens all 11 of them!

Image may contain: cat

To then find out that this shelter takes in over 40 kittens a week, run an adoption day every Saturday morning at their recently opened store located at 63 Queens Drive, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand and voluntarily take care of all cats and kittens that come into care. That’s absolutely amazing!

Image may contain: cat and text

Every week Kitten Inn will also post on their social media pages a list of Kittens and sometimes cats who are up for adoption with a complete list of breeds, colors, ages and adoption fees and kittens can range from smoky grays to orange kittens! How amazing is that. The adoption fee is set at $140 this helps to cover all vaccinations, flu shots and any other needs the kittens have before they leave the shelter. The kittens are also litter trained which is an added bonus.

Image may contain: cat and text

Recently The Kitten Inn was also broken into and a tonne of belongings was stolen from this rescue, it was an absolutely very sad occasion and we felt for the shelter. And although we can’t replace the sentimental objects that were stolen, we here at The Planet Humanity Project were able to take advantage of the new online Kmart New Zealand system and order a bunch of pet blankets, toys, pet bowls and feeding bottles to help The Kitten Inn get through this tough time and provide for the wonderful kittens that come into their care.

The Kitten Inn has also stated that they would absolutely love if they were donated an outdoor toilet for visitors to use, a commercial washing machine and dryer to make it easier for them to clean pet towels and blankets in order to keep up with their weekly intake of kittens. If anyone is able to provide this for this wonderful rescue we would absolutely love to hear from you to see how we could work together to make this possible for The Kitten Inn.

We were also absolutely amazed when each week all kittens were being adopted into their forever homes, which is an absolutely beautiful piece of news to hear each week. We can’t wait to see what they achieve next!

We would like to say thank you to The Planet Humanity Project for making a wonderful donation to The Kitten Inn. We would also like to say Thank You to The Kitten Inn Wellington for allowing us to take part in donating to your wonderful cause.

To learn more about The Kitten Inn and to find out how you can get involved simply follow this link:

Written by Sheridan O’Donnell

The Planet Humanity Project.

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