3000 people turn up for the Free Family Fun Day.

Hi Everyone,

In the month of November we helped United we stand…waka of caring with their free family fun day. The fun day attracted over 3000 community participants.

In the family fun day we were supported by many donators who helped with donating vouchers, toys, free gifts and more. Below we write about each and every donator, their service and what they donated as well as who it helped.

But first let us tell you more about the cause – United We Stand is a community group who is a group of everyday people (which we think are extraordinary). Who offer support to meet the people of the community’s basic needs, build strong relationships and partner with youth and the community. This community group is able to achieve these goals by providing weekly warm meals for the youth, families in need and homeless who are often walking, living or hanging around the streets of Southmall Manurewa in Auckland, New Zealand. This cause has a team of wonderful volunteers who often help each other to feed the community a few times a week.

Every year this cause run a free family fun day which is run at the Homai Primary School in Manurewa, South Auckland, New Zealand. The free family fun day is exactly that a “free” family oriented fun day in which volunteers donate their time or goods from 9am – 3pm and for one day only the whole community can come to the open day and collect free books, free clothes, free toys for children, have a free lunch, get free water, enjoy free entertainment and the children can enjoy free face painting, bouncy castles and a visit from a dressed up lion character. Isn’t that amazing?

During this year Free Family Fun day we received more donations than we expected to be donated to this wonderful fun day. The donators were as follows:

City Cake Company: 

The City Cake Company has been operating in Auckland for eighteen years. The company is operated today by the original owners of the company which are Maureen Keene, Susanna Pattison and Tracy Baird. The cakes are made with no preservatives, no artificial flavors and no premixes. The company supports a variety of charities and projects and also cater to large Auckland, NZ wide events. The City Cake Company was very generous in donating a voucher for a family in need to use for a celebration of their choice – the voucher has a retail value of $95.00. And would be similar to the cake in the image below:

We would like to thank City Cake Company for this generous donation. The voucher was given to a mother of 4 beautiful children who often struggled to make ends meet when celebrations came around and we look forward to this parent being able to enjoy a specially made and decorated cake by the City Cake Company.

You can check out their website via this link for more information: http://www.citycake.com/About+Us.html

Just For Kids

Just For Kids are an Auckland Based children’s party supply based company, they specialize in finding the best children’s party supplies for any type of child’s celebration. They are an online service and a New Zealand owned company. You can choose your own themed party goods and the best part is anyone will be able to afford it too.

Just for Kids donated a generous amount of party themed boys and girls cups, plates, tablecloths, party invites, and so much more as you can see in the image below some beautiful young 5-9 year old children who had never had a themed party before, let alone a cup with a princess or a pirate on it the children cherished their party goods with a huge smile and a pleasant thank you as they showed off their little packs of party goods to their families in such a delightful way.

We would like to thank Just For Kids for their generous donation. For more information you can head to their website via this link:https://www.justforkids.co.nz/

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch is an established children’s clothing store who provide high quality children’s clothing for all your child clothing needs. Whether its a boy or a girl, a 1 year old or a 5 year old Pumpkin Patch have the right style and clothing item for you. Pumpkin Patch kindly donated a gift card for a struggling mother with a value of $30.00. This wonderful gift card went to a new mum who needed newborn clothes for a wonderful newborn baby boy and with Pumpkin Patch is honoring the gift card the new mother was able to buy some quality clothing at discounted prices for a precious new born baby boy.

We would like to say thank you to the Pumpkin Patch for their generous offer – If you would like to know more information you can check out their website via this link http://www.pumpkinpatch.co.nz/

Community Fruit Harvesting

Community Fruit Harvesting is a charity that picks unwanted fruit from backyards and orchards around New Zealand and shares it with those in need. They are able to make cordial, and jams from backyard fruit trees here in New Zealand. Community Fruit Harvesting were generous in donating 6 letters of real fruit cordial towards the free family fun day event. This wonderful donation helped to hydrate over 3000 free family fun day participants and continues to help with supplying those in need in the South Mall Manurewa Community including some of the homeless living on the streets.

Fruit Harvest 5th Sept 2011

We would like to say thank you to Community Fruit Harvesting for their generous donation. If you would like more information you can check out their website via this link: http://www.pickfruit.co.nz/


Ballentynes Is a women’s and men’s clothing fashion store that has been around for years. They also supply children’s clothing and offer quality material in all clothing they make as well as up to date fashion styles for the sophisticated woman and stylish children. Ballentynes were very generous in donating a 4 x $40 Ballentynes Gift Cards that’s $160 worth of vouchers. These wonderful vouchers went to a woman who often could not afford to go shopping for these types of clothes and was their first time to be able to shop in a store like this. What a wonderful story.

We would like to say thank you to Ballentynes for their generous donation. You can check out their website via this link: https://www.ballantynes.co.nz/


Malcolm Rands started Ecostore with his wife Melanie in their home in an eco-village in New Zealand in 1993. They’d been using sustainable and organic gardening practices on their property for many years, but realized they were still being exposed to way too many toxic chemicals through the cleaning and body care products they were using. As a result, Ecostorewas born. Ecostore supply chemical free products, completely plant and natural based for every need you could imagine from baby products, to cleaning products, to gardening tools. If you’re looking to become Eco-friendly this is the store to try. Castor were very generous in donating a baby care package which included Baby Shampoo, Baby, Body Wash, Baby Nappy Balm, Baby Soap, Hand wash and Fragrance Free Laundry Liquid. A very deserving mother of 2 received this amazing care package right on time for the arrival of her second child, she was a mother that commonly used products from the $2 shop which is still good, but with the allergies her children had she was grateful that she had received a package that would help her children become healthy.

We would like to say thank you to Ecostore for this very generous donation. If you like more information about this service, simply visit their website via this link: http://www.ecostore.co.nz/

The fun day was a huge success as more than 3000 families within the Manurewa, South Auckland Community received free products and services throughout the day, without the donations received this day would not have happened. Thank you to everyone involved.

Written by Sheridan O’Donnell, November 24th 2016.

All written content rights reserved, 2016.


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