Week 15: Turtles and Reptiles

Hi Everyone,

In week 15 of our attempt to help the communities in the world we came across a turtle and reptile shelter. A place in West Auckland, New Zealand named Auckland Fish, Turtle and Reptile Rescue. A lovely woman run’s this rescue and shelters under the SPCA’s umbrella. It is a place where fish, turtles and reptiles are safe, homed, re-homed or saved from the world around them.

It is a place where they are knowledgeable and aim to help anyone who needs advice on how to safely look after their pets, whether it be a turtle, fish or any type of reptile pet. It is a fantastic cause which relies solely on donations to be able to help with feeding the fish, turtles and reptiles. Recently they have had an influx of turtles both permanent residents and some that were up for adoption or needed a new home.

Over the weekend a couple of the turtles were adopted and the rescue is also kind enough to check if the turtle ponds are safe and an ideal setting for the turtles. They also offer great ideas on how you can look after and comfortably own fish, turtles or reptile pets.

At the moment this rescue is in need of:

  • Pumps to empty the ponds quicker
  •  UVB lights for the indoor tanks as they need replacing when daylight savings ends.
  • Bags of cuttlefish for the turtles to feed on, They love prawns with shell on as treats, and are brought as fresh fish offcuts from Borics in Riverhead.

This rescue also has a facebook page you can follow via this link: https://www.facebook.com/fishturtlerescue/?pnref=story

You can also make a donation to this cause via their Givealittle page via this link: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/turtletopia/

This week we made a small donation to this rescue and we wish this rescue well on their journey.

The Planet Humanity Project, 2016.

All Content Rights Reserved to The Planet Humanity Project, All Image and other links rights to Auckland fish, turtle and reptile rescue.


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