Appreciate the Volunteer Manager Day! and The NZ Awards 2017

Hi Everyone,

Sheridan Here! Just stopping by to let you all know we have only a few day’s left until The Planet Humanity Project receives a certificate of achievement for our work in the community from The New Zealander of the Year Awards, 2017! We are excited, my manager which is also my mum and I went shopping last week to find outfits and shoes for our Black Tie Event – we had a lot of fun and were basically in the mall all day yup she’s amazing isn’t she! , she even wrote down my list of shopping essentials for this event which consisted of

  1. Hair Cuts
  2. Hair Dye
  3. Blusher/Eye Shadow/Lipstick
  4. Dress
  5. Shoes
  6. Lunch (How can we not have lunch right)
  7. A new phone for the manager
  8. Tights for the manager
  9. Shoes for the manager and myself – I love this story she managed to find 2 pairs of shoes for the price of one! While I was busy walking around in an expensive pair until I saw her shoes and the price that came with it so I stopped prancing around in them, took them off and went to find shoes on special to my surprise I found the perfect pair! Woohoo! You can get good tips from our volunteer manager! I thought of starting her, her own blog how to shop for formal events on a budget so anyone can go, I mean we are all about supporting charities right? So why not make it possible for everyone on any budget to attend. She even knows how to dye hair, saving me hundreds of dollars at a hairdressers! But all she wants is to retire and live on an island. One day this dream will come true I mean, who’s manager can do all this in one day right? The More I write, the more I appreciate this award, the nomination and the help received for my emotional ups and downs at the moment.

Anyway, I wanted to share because I wanted everyone to know that I am not the only one behind this project and I wanted to acknowledge the acts of kindness behind the scenes that happen at TPHP. I would also like to acknowledge our volunteers, everyone that supports our project, everyone that likes, shares, comments or reads any of our posts, our sponsors and everyone involved.

I will update you on the awards before the end of the week. Stay beautiful out there, and remember we all have hard days, but we all have the strength within us to kick those hard days, doubts, thoughts and fears out the door. So my wish for you is to find the strength within yourself to get through every single day with at least one smile on your face.

Please also note we do not make profit from our cause, we do everything from the goodness of our hearts, however, if you are interested in sponsoring or donating to The Planet Humanity Project please do not hesitate to contact us at, or message us on Facebook or comment on our posts.

Sheridan O’Donnell

Creator of The Planet Humanity Project

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