Big Donations help a charity in need: Hope Rescue South Auckland deservingly receives.

Hi Everyone,

We have come to the end of September and are writing to tell you about our month helping our chosen charity to support for the month of September, 2016 Hope Rescue South Auckland, with support from Purina New Zealand, Hill’s Pet Nutrition™ New Zealand, Bombay Pet Foods Ltd (Operating as Jimbos) and family and friends.


Hope Rescue South Auckland (where a little hope becomes a home) is a an established animal rescue and shelter based in Manurewa, Auckland New Zealand. They help stray, abandoned, unwanted, in need or abused animals who have no homes, have been found injured or left in the streets to fend for themselves. Hope Rescue South Auckland is a proud no kill animal shelter and will do everything they can to keep these pets alive unless it is absolutely necessary for the animal to be put down. Hope Rescue South Auckland provides a comfortable place for the animals to live while they are waiting to be adopted in their own homes across Auckland. This charity will also when needed take in pets or animals in need from outside of Auckland and further afield – and have known to take in puppies from 6 hours away and animals from the Waikato region. Hope Rescue also has foster homes where kind people in the community give their time freely to become pet foster parents for pets in need.

Over the month of September we were able to support Hope Rescue South Auckland with an array of wonderful donations to help cats, kittens, puppy’s and dogs in need.


The first donation came from Hill’s Pet Nutrition™ this company was inspired by a guide dog named Buddy and the guide dog owner Morris Frank, who was concerned about his guide dog’s kidney problems and one day asked Dr Morris Senior if there was anything he could do in terms of pet nutrition to help Buddy his guide dog with his health condition. From here Hill’s Pet Nutrition™ was founded and the idea of good clinical pet nutrition was born –It’s also an interesting fact to know that the very first Hill’s Pet Nutrition™ product k/d™ was the first therapeutic dog food to evolve in 1939 and is still being sold to this day. That’s years of clinical nutrition and a tonne of healthy pets!

The vision behind Hill’s Pet Nutrition™ is to provide good scientifically proven pet nutrition for animals to be able to reach their full potential and have happy and healthy lives, they are also known for having some of the highest ethical standards and they never stop researching and coming up with innovative ways to continually improve cats, dogs, kittens and puppies pet treats, nutrition and health conditions.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition™ were very generous in donating 1 x 7.5kg bag of Puppy Development food, 1 x 7.5kg of Adult Canine food, 1 x 10kg Kitten Healthy Development food and 1 x 10kg Feline Adult Pet Food. That’s 35kgs of pet food! How amazing especially for pets that had been rescued from the streets and may have not even had proper pet food before. These bags were received with gratefulness and excitement even our 2 1/2 year old cat Connor was beyond excited to see how much food had come for a deserving charity as he greeted Hope Rescue with curiosity being a rescue cat himself.


It was awesome to see that a cat like this older female cat who was picked up and helped by a generous and caring community member And was refused veterinary treatment due to the community member not being able to pay for it would be able to enjoy some Hill’s Pet Nutrition™ food. When found and dropped off she had her hair in mats, was heavily flea infested and had signs of malnutrition as she had crusty eyes. But Hope Rescue South Auckland has kindly been able to take her into their care and slowly brush out her mats, flea treat her and give her a much needed meal. This older cat, however does in fact have a collar and Hope Rescue are on the lookout for if someone has a missing cat and she looks to be like she had been alone for a while. In the meantime, everyone is hoping to heal her and give her the happiest last years of her life.

The donation from Hill’s Pet Nutrition™ would also help to feed six puppies that were found dumped under a tree outside a supermarket left to fend for themselves and look to be around 2 weeks old who are now in Hope Rescue South Auckland’s care.

This was such a wonderful donation which is still in use today, making it easier for Hope Rescue South Auckland to be able to feed their fur babies each day.


Our month continued on and as we kept following and supporting Hope Rescue South Auckland a second donation came through from Purina New Zealand. (Nourishing Pets, Enriching Lives). Purina has been a global provider of pet food for nearly over 80 years to date and have a rich belief that people and pets are better, together they even bring their pets to work and encourage other workplaces to also become pet friendly to enliven the work atmosphere.

Purina was founded in 1894 by William. A. Danworth and is known in the American business world as a rugged pioneer – he sent morning letters to his employees for nearly 40 years and was known to live his life around nutrition. Wow, isn’t that amazing that Purina was born from a man who believed in a happy workplace and good nutrition where pets make your work place a brighter place to be. In 2001 Purina partnered with Nestle to help expand the business and availability of products as the years went on Purina continued to grow and now have a range of products available for pets. There are also around 100 Purina employees based in New Zealand and even more worldwide. Isn’t it great to spread the Purina happy vibes anywhere you go.

Now that you know about Purina here is what they donated about 30 Dog Goody Bags yes that’s right 30!! In each goody bag contained 1 x steel dog bowl, 1 x dog lead in either red, black or blue, 1 x Bacon strips treat, 2 x small dog food tins, doggy poo bag plus holder and 1 x Purina Bandanna. Plus that by 30 and you have a whole load of treats for the dogs out there struggling to find a home.


It’s amazing to think that many of these goody bags would go to a dog like Maggie a beautiful, friendly dog who was found in a car park, supermarket alone, afraid and extremely malnutrition-ed imagine the happiness a few dogs in this situation would feel when they are able to have such awesome Purina treats. Maggie is now super happy and healthy and is now up for adoption looking for her forever home. She likes to keep busy, loves the company of children and other dogs and is a perfect family friendly dog. She was also recently entered into the Pet. Kiwi Facebook photo competition to win a $100 Pet. Kiwi voucher with 149 likes and 53 shares what a great effort don’t you think so?


As we continued following Hope Rescue South Auckland for the rest of September we took note that they would be attending the Animal and Pet Show held in Auckland, New Zealand over a weekend of fun. So we got on to sending two of our volunteers to visit the stall on a Sunday and purchase 2 x $5 raffle tickets in support of Hope Rescue South Auckland that weekend. And their stall was super packed with some awesome people who could cuddle a puppy for a gold coin donation and you could also pat a big healthy and happy St. Bernard dog that had an awesome donation coin box on in which one of our volunteers filled and patted such a loving pet.


It was now starting to get to the end of September and we were ready to wrap things up, but not before Hope Rescue South Auckland would receive a beautiful donation of 7 cats goody bags donated by family and friends of The Planet Humanity Project – they were super creative, color co-ordinated and bags that cats and kittens would absolutely love! Plus 1 x Avon Basket filled with some Avon products to be included in the raffle or auction to help Hope Rescue South Auckland keep running their services. Each Goody bag contained cat toys, cat food, cat bowels and cat/kitten collars all in awesome colors.


We also had one of our wonderful family, friends drop off a beautiful donation of cat and dog food directly to Hope Rescue South Auckland which was absolutely delightful to hear.


It was now coming to the end of September and as we were wrapping up our last lot of donations and support for the charity Hope Rescue South Auckland we came across one last donation – isn’t that wonderful? Just when we were ready to pack everything up and slowly transition into the next month an awesome donation of 42 packs of dog treats (24 Beef and Lamb packets of dog treats and 24 packets of Chicken and Lamb Dog Treats.) and $50 worth of vouchers were kindly donated to us to pass on to Hope Rescue South Auckland this lovely donation came from Bombay Pet Foods Ltd/Jimbo’s.

Jimbo’s is passionate about pet people, they supply fresh meaty diets which even fussy cats love. The best thing about Jimbo’s is that the ingredients for cats and dogs treats are 100% locally sourced and a well known product which is stocked in most supermarkets. Jimbo’s has been in business for nearly over 50 years with qualified butchers cutting meat to high standards that it looks like a meal for anyone which pets can enjoy.

Jimbo’s also focus on regular research to continuously improve each product as they are created. Jimbo’s also took out the 2016 Canstar award for Most Satisfied Customers in the Pet Food category due to pet enjoyment. Jimbo’s have also received the 2016 award for Worldstar winner, 2016 for packaging as they provide hygienic and economically friendly packaging with the pet food they provide, they also received silver in 2015 in the Australian Packaging Design category and were Highly Commended – for Accessibility, Sustainability, Consumer Experience & Emerging Technology in the 2015 Australian Packaging Design Awards.


It was awesome to know that some more amazing dogs would receive even more scrumptious treats including this beautiful girl in the photo who came up for adoption and found a potential forever home isn’t that great news?


And the older kittens like Elsa would be able to enjoy a treat with a voucher from Jimbo’s. Elsa is currently up for adoption, she loves to be cuddled and would make an amazing family pet.


It has been an emotional and wonderful experience supporting Hope Rescue South Auckland in the month of September, 2016. The effort that Hope Rescue South Auckland put into helping save the lives of innocent animals is a true testimony to the strength Hope Rescue South Auckland have to provide for our community pets. We here at The Planet Humanity Project are delighted to keep following the charity and have had an amazing month following this cause.

Our Head of The Planet Humanity Project would personally like to thank each and every service for the generous donations provided and Hope Rescue South Auckland for allowing us to help sponsor this charity for the month of September, 2016.


We would like to thank the following services for the help they provided to make this month as easy as possible for Hope Rescue South Auckland.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition New Zealand

Follow Hill’s on Facebook by typing @HillsPetNutritionNZ in the search bar. Or go and check out the range of products on offer via this website:

Purina New Zealand

Follow Purina on Facebook by typing @purinanewzealand in the search bar. Or go and check out the range of products on offer via this website:

Bombay PetFoods Ltd/Jimbo’s

Follow Bombay PetFood/Jimbo’s on facebook by typing @jimbospetfood in the search box. Or go and check out the range of products on offer via this website:

We would also like to say thank you to the family and friends of The Planet Humanity Project for their kind donations.

To find out more information about our chosen charity to support in the Month of Sepetmeber 2016 Hope Rescue South Auckland you can visit their website directly via this link or you can follow them on Facebook by typing @Hope.rescue.sth.auck in the search box.

Written by Sheridan O’Donnell

The Planet Humanity Project

Published on October 11th 2016.

All written contents rights reserved, 2016.




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