Plastic Free July Post 2

Hi Everyone,

As you know I am taking on the Plastic Free July challenge where I am giving up plastic bottles and plastic bags, however today as I was busy I totally forgot that I was taking part in this challenge. And as I was running out the door and heading to the gym I picked up a plastic bottle and filled it with water and took it with me to the gym, but as soon as I remembered it was plastic I chucked it into the recycle bin and found a water fountain to drink from for the rest of the exercise session! What I did do though is use my recyclable bag to put my gym gear in! Tune in for my next Post on how I recycled and did not use any plastic!Also, let me know what plastic item or items you are giving up this July and I just might share it on my blog.

xox Princezz Pinkz

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To find out more about Plastic Free July follow this link:


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