Wild Wheat help United We Stand spread joy in the community, September, 2016.

Hi Everyone,

It has come to the end of September 2016 and this month has been an amazing experience as we gave to a wonderful community cause named United We StandWaka of CaringRewa. With help from an amazing Award Winning Artisan Specialty Breads wholesaler, bakery and cafe Wild Wheat Limited Specialty Breads here in Auckland, New Zealand.

United We Stand is a community group who is a group of everyday people (which we think are extraordinary). Who offer support to meet the people of the community’s basic needs, build strong relationships and partner with youth and the community. This community group is able to achieve these goals by providing weekly warm meals for the youth, families in need and homeless who are often walking, living or hanging around the streets of Southmall Manurewa in Auckland, New Zealand. This cause has a team of wonderful volunteers who often help each other to feed the community a few times a week.

In the month of September we still had a wonderful offer here at The Planet Humanity Project of a weekly bread donation from Wild Wheat Limited Specialty Breads based in Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand. As a result of this choice Wild Wheat Limited agreed to supply a donation of bread to United We StandWaka of CaringRewa for the month of September starting from the 13th September 2016 on every Tuesday and Thursday after 9am which was due to end on the 29th September 2016.

Wild Wheat Bakery


Wild Wheat Limited Specialty Breads started in 1993 when a wholesaler of bread products was created in a small factory based in East Tamaki Auckland, New Zealand. The service then started to grow in the hospitality industry over the next 2-3 years as more and more cafe’s and restaurants started to discover a variety of specially made breads being created. The service specializes in making sourdoughs based on long, slow fermentation processes made from an apple-based sourdough starter, that in 1999 was already 3 years old. The bread also has no additives or preservatives, making it one of the healthiest types of bread around.

Country Sourdough

We would also like to introduce Andrew the man behind this amazing creation! A lover of food from a very young age, a talented chef with an array of experience in the food and chef industry from 16 years old. He qualified at Auckland University of Technology, traveled to London and after 2 years of traveling, he gained a top job at Le Pont de la Tour, a Sir Terence Conran restaurant next to Tower Bridge. It was when he was given the opportunity to work in their highly regarded bakery that he fell in love with making bread. From then on making bread became a way of life and as a result Wild Wheat remained Auckland’s best bakery for 7 years so far, they have received awards for Best Bread by Metro Magazine since 2004, In 2011 they were then given the award for Best Bakery by Metro Magazine, Wild Wheat has also won Best Hot Cross Buns in the North Island of New Zealand in 2004, 2005 and 2010, They were also an award winner at the NZ Food Awards in association with Massey University in 2012.

Wild Wheat BakeryNew Zealand Food Awards

Now that you know everything you need to know about our chosen cause to support for the month of September United We StandWaka of Caring..Rewa and our wonderful sponsor Wild Wheat Limited. We can take you through our journey over the month of September.

As we followed United We StandWaka of Caring..Rewa each week the team would write about their nightly experience giving to the needy in the Southmall Manurewa community. On the first night they received the bread donation they were able to make 30 sandwiches and 3 flasks of tea – everything went and a few families who were in need also received some delicious Wild Wheat bread to help them through the week. On the next donation day they were given a bread donation of Turkish Pide which was served with pasta, sausages and soup which the community enjoyed. This warm meal was given to at least 11 people, including an in need mother to 2 beautiful children.

On the next night when United we stand head out into the Southmall Manurewa community they were able to feed around 25 in need, people on the streets who were appreciative of tea, bread and Kai (the Maori name for food). But the service did not stop giving they kept on going on the next night they had a whole bunch of bread rolls donated to them from Wild Wheat and with the bread they were able to make a few filled rolls filled with ham, cheese, vegetables and more alongside the bread rolls on this night a kind treat of pizza was also donated alongside a nice hot cup of tea.

You may be thinking, wow at what both United We Stand and Wild Wheat have done already, but guess what there is more yes there is – they did not stop yet in fact they will be back out and about the very next week. With another creative and delicious meal to give to our community’s homeless, youth and families in need. This time they made Wild Wheat Limited sandwiches, rice, stew and hot tea. And yes, you guessed it every bit of the meal was gone within a few minutes this was an interesting night as a shop keeper came out to talk to one of the organizers to ask them to feed a few people who were hanging around across the road it was a distasteful comment the shop keeper made, but the organizer of United We StandWaka of Caring Debbie handled the situation in a great manner and continued to feed the in need people outside the shop.

Then it was coming to the end of September and what we thought would be the last bread donation was given out to the hungry, homeless, youth and families in need which has become very popular within the community as 25 meals were made and distributed within a matter of 15 minutes.

The meal with what we thought would be the last donation for this night was a scrumptious and delicious beef stew, noodles, bacon and egg pie and a side of Wild Wheat Sourdough bread to give it that extra texture. With a nice cup of tea to compliment the dish.

There were around 16 hungry and joyful people to feed on this night excited to see what their next dish and what sort of bread it would be that they received – they were also a very grateful bunch of people helping each other to get through some hard times.

But wait, we are not finished yet when The Planet Humanity Project approached Andrew from Wild Wheat Limited to give our thanks for their continued donations and confirm the date of the last bread donation we were incredibly grateful and surprised when Andrew replied that United We StandWaka of Caring our chosen charity to support for the month of September would be able to continue picking up a bread donation weekly moving forward as an ongoing donation to help people in need, homeless, families struggling and youth in need living on our streets or struggling in the community. This is such a generous donation which was received gratefully.

What a wonderful Month in September it has been on a wonderful journey with United We Stand… Waka of Caring.. Rewa and Wild Wheat Limited, Auckland, New Zealand.

We would like to say Thank you to Wild Wheat Limited Specialty Breads for the kind continued donation and support received by United We StandWaka of Caring.. Rewa. You can have a look at Wild Wheat’s products, stores, stories and more via this website http://www.wildwheat.co.nz/index.php

We would also like to say Thank You to United We StandWaka of CaringRewa. For their continued support in the community, they change lives each day and teach the community to help each other through the spirit of giving to the less fortunate within the community here in Auckland, New Zealand. You can join the United We StandWaka of CaringRewa community group on Facebook via this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/978559512159944/

Written by Sheridan O’Donnell


The Planet Humanity Project. All written content rights reserved, 2016. For further inquiries or responses to our stories, please contact us at 0212123996 or tphpo@outlook.com, also Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/theplanethumanityprojectofficial/ or see the rest of our story at http://www.theplanethumanityproject.wordpress.com



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