Week 13: The Spirit of Christmas NZ

Hi Everyone, This week we are writing about a wonderful cause that both my work colleagues and myself donated to for Christmas. It is a group that was set up by lovely solo parents who struggled to get through Christmas but still managed to scrape up a few coins to give their children a Christmas present or found a way around to still instill the joy of Christmas in both their children and themselves.

In the first two years, this service was run by a small group of helpers who managed to make a few hampers and give these out to around 10 families that were financially struggling to get through Christmas. Aaron’s story is a very real and touching story that we believe should be shared with the world because this story could be the inspiration that another solo parent may need at this time of the year. In his story Aaron states “As a solo dad raising 2 young boys on the DPB for 3 years I had 3 years of living very lean, but was still fortunate to always be able to give my boys presents and be with them to share in the Christmas Spirit. My two boys are my inspiration for starting this group and I hope that it forever seals in their heart love, humanity and humility.”

This is a beautiful sense of giving and a story that touches the heart which is very real. This year we got involved, by asking our workplace to donate goods for solo parents in which solo parents in our workplace gathered together to donate food, presents and a bunch of other goodies, even our cat’s bed was donated because you never know what a family may need at Christmas time.

We were fortunate enough to have a lovely lady Julie come around and pick up our donations who our mother was able to talk to and relate to helping other solo parents – not only was the joy spread through giving donations it was also an opportunity for solo parents to share their stories and relate to one another as a healing process took place when these stories were shared.

Once the donations were collected a lovely group of volunteers gathered together at Ambury Park in Mangere, Auckland, New Zealand to sort through all the donations, make hampers, wrap presents and even deliver the hampers to nominated families in time for Christmas – the stories that were being shared in the group were heart warming and beautiful and some even shed a tear.

If you want to find out how you can be involved with the next hamper drop for solo parents simply click on this link and join the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Christmas.Spirit.NZ/?fref=nf

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