No Power Day for Polar Bears TPHP Feb, 2017

Hi everyone,

As you know The Planet Humanity Project will be having a power free day in support of helping Polar Bears so we have decided to make our power free day the 7th February 2017, but what are we going to do instead, while Instead, we are going to unplug all our technology, turn off our power switch and for 24 hours we are going to go to the pool, play tennis, go for a bush walk and do some much needed outdoor exercise we are raising awareness that we are damaging our environment and as a result polar bears are experiencing the heat and eventually suffering because of our actions.

Let us know how you are helping to raise awareness to save polar bears this month and we just might share your story – our next task is to symbolically adopt a polar bear, however we thought we would share our first task with you and how to survive a no power day.

The Planet Humanity Project, All written rights reserved, 2017

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