Update on Mega Raffle Draw

UPDATE: This raffle will close on Friday 17th March at 3pm – if you have’nt got your tickets yet theirs still time to either by bank transfer BNZ Bank Account Number 02-0358-0077192-97 leave first and last name as reference

or you can get your tickets via direct debit/credit card at this link – https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/mega-raffle-in-support-of-th…

we will also accept any donations of any amount are greatly appreciated if your unable to buy raffle tickets thank you we are really grateful for the support xo

The live draw will be held online on our Facebook page via live video and we will pull names out of a hat randomly so you just need your named ticket if we don’t know you. But if we do know you and you win I will either personally deliver the prize or mail them out , there are three prize packs and three winners so one winner for each pack it will be held on Saturday 18th March at 1pm on our Facebook page we will go live which you can find here

We will notify everyone well before the live video raffle draw starts and make contact at the end of the draw good luck and thank you for your support

Sheridan at The Planet Humanity Project


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