TPHP Environment Tasks for April 2017

Join our event page to find out what our environmental tasks are this April 2017 we have a national and international option so go and check it out and also don’t forget to send us your stories… Via this link:

Hi everyone,

In April we are helping three causes and helping to save our environment here is how you can help:

TPHP Have made a USD $5 Donation to help plant 5 tree’s in both India and Africa plus a further 10 plants will be planted for free – You can however choose your own country to plant tree’s in by heading to this link and making your retree donation the minimum is $5 USD for 5 trees follow this link to help us plant more trees on our earth

TPHP are also donating a variety of vegetable seeds thanks to Yates NZ, Leacroft Nurseries Lower Hutt and Mitre 10 Mega Botany Downs to Whariki Mental Health House in Papatoetoe Auckland for their planting projects for those recovering from Mental Health and A community cause that teaches children and the community how to plant, harvest and cook vegetables.

If you would like to help either one of these causes you can send vegetable seeds, flower seeds, vouchers, garden tools or any other garden related materials directly to the addresses below

(Please note we will not be collecting donations at our head office, as all donations are going straight to each cause)

To Help Whariki Mental Health House and Gardening Program send your donations to:
54 Carruth Road,
Phone: 09 279 8233.
(Please contact them before you drop off if you are planning to drop off, otherwise you can simply post in the mail)

To Help The Common Unity Project, Lower Hutt Wellington
Send your donations to:
Care of Epuni school
313 waiwhetu Road
Lower Hutt.
(Please contact them before you drop off if you are planning to drop off, otherwise you can simply post in the mail)

Feel free to send us your stories/photos or anything you want to tell us about how you helped the environment this April 2017.

The Team at The Planet Humanity Project. TM


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