Certificate of Appreciation = For Volunteer Staff at TPHP

It’s awards day for our volunteer staff – they have no idea actually while some of them do so congratulations to our contributors please private message us to receive your certificate from The Planet Humanity Project for your efforts toward our cause in 2016.

Certificate of Appreciation awarded to

– Chaene Maxwell for your contribution to Operation Christmas Child.

– Kristina & Nathan Glasgow for your Contribution to Operation Christmas Child.

– Donna Marie for your contribution to Give a Kid a Blanket, Hope Rescue South Auckland and Operation Christmas Child.

– Jeremiah O’Donnell – for your contribution to Operation Christmas Child

– Joshua O’Donnell for your contribution toward Operation Christmas Child.

– Cathy Lovett for your contribution toward Hope Rescue South Auckland.

– Alison Heremaia for your contribution toward Give a Kid a Blanket

Certificate of Outstanding Achievement Awarded to

– Angela Rauhihi & Family for outstanding contribution to all TPHP Charity projects.

– Andrea O’Donnell for outstanding support across the growth of TPHP.

Well done team, you have been amazing in 2016.


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