Week 8: Mental Health Awareness Week & #MHAW15 Challenge.

Hi everyone,

Welcome to week 8 of The Planet Humanity Project, blog posts and project help. This week it is mental health awareness week between the 5th-9th October 2015. This week we are supporting the Mental Health foundation of New Zealand and taking part in the #MHAW15 challenge.

The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand is a charity that works towards creating a society free from discrimination, where all people enjoy positive mental health & wellbeing.

The #MHAW15 challenge is a challenge where you make a decision on how you are going to take care of yourself this week and you share it with the world if you want to. You can also take part by doing something nice for someone else to help raise awareness for mental health awareness week.

In this challenge we decided to give to The Mental Health foundation of New Zealand. We donated $5.00 to this wonderful cause because even a little bit of help can go a long way. Why not consider making a donation to this charity in support of Mental Health Awareness Week to help with community programs become more accessible to a wider variety of community members and more.

We are also writing to tell you about a lovely act of kindness that happened to one of the staff members that made her feel safe. In a netball game this week one of our members was playing in a mixed league and the skill level this person was playing at and the teams were impressive. However, on the court this person got hit by accident very hard by the ball they were brave and kept playing, but the team member of the other team they were facing was kind enough to call time out just to make sure this staff member was really ok. This person was strong and kept going but they wanted to express in this Post that although it was something small, it made this person feel safer to keep playing and they were expressing that it had been a long time since they had felt so cared about by a complete stranger – But what this person didn’t know and still does not as it is the staff members choice to express this or not is that this staff member has been going through a very rough time lately and this act of kindness boosted their happiness. We are also happy to say they are friends now and looking forward to hanging out together again over the summer netball season. So instead of expressing how we helped someone else, this week we are explaining how someone else helped one of us and how it mentally helped one of our team members to get through a game. Thank you to the lovely person that has befriended our staff member and is keeping a lookout for them.

So our challenge for you is to do something nice for someone else it could be giving someone a hug, helping someone out of bed in the morning, dropping in to visit a friend who needs you or anything that you feel will make someone feel a sense of happiness. This is to help raise awareness to see mental health as a normal health condition without discrimination.

Then let us know how you took part in the Mental Health Awareness week so we can share your posts.

To find out more about The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand check out this website: http://www.mentalhealth.org.nz/

Written by xox Princezz Pinkz.

The Planet Humanity Project

All Rights Reserved, 2015.


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