Week 14: The Skater Boy

In week 14 in our attempt to help the world weekly we bring you a story from our very own Miss Stiletto, She is a wonderful staff member with a very compassionate heart. She told us a story about a young Maori boy who was on his skateboard and she saw him walking around the local Manukau mall in Auckland New Zealand.

When she saw him tap on her son’s shoulder and quietly and anxiously said “excuse me sir, do you have any coins for me to catch the bus home, “ he said “no” at this point Miss Stilletto called out to the young boy and told him to come see her. She pulled out her spare coins and said to the boy now here is some coins get you a drink, some food and your bus home but only spend it on good things. The boy responded with a “no miss I know what you mean” and went off on his skateboard.

There is a lot that the world can learn from this beautiful deed you see not only did Miss Stilleto help a young person, she also taught her son the meaning of compassion and selflessness. Next time you see a young skater in need why not stop and give them some help even if it’s teaching them a new skateboard move or listening to their story every little thing helps.

The Planet Humanity Project, All Rights Reserved, 2016.



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