Books are travelling in New Zealand with Books on the Bus NZ.

Hi Everyone,

In the month of May 2017 we will be supporting a cause named Books on the Bus NZ. But anyone in New Zealand can take part at any time, day or hour. Because this is a cause that is fast spreading across the country and absolutely anyone can do it. So what is Books on the Bus NZ we hear you asking – so let us take you on a journey – Books on the Bus NZ is a cause that give old books a new lease of life here in New Zealand – but how exactly is this done? While a range of book fairies in and around the counrty place a sticker on new or used books that reads “Take this book, read it, then leave it for someone else to enjoy”.


(Stickers being placed on books ready to be dropped in Public Transport Stations)

But where exactly do you leave the book or better yet where do you find it? Let us surprise you with a wow reaction are you ready for it? While being a book fairy you stick your sticker on your book and then you leave it on any public transport system for someone to find and enjoy – it can be a train station, train, bus stop, bus, ferry terminal, ferries, a boat cruise or even a taxi it is limitless and you have so many options of where you can leave your books – that also means you have a tonne of chances of finding a book to! Most books are posted on social media when they are dropped in a public transport station or area so keep a look out and you might just get to read a new book you never thought you would.


(A book has been dropped at a Auckland City Bus Stop by Books on the Bus NZ)

If you do find a book from Books on the Bus NZ don’t forget to hashtag #booksonthebusnz or add your post to the Books on the Bus NZ Instagram, Facebook page or twitter account you can find all links at the end of this post.

An easier way to remember how the program works is to follow the take, read, leave, spread the word acronym which you can find via this link:

So who are the people behind Books on the Bus NZ while lets tell you a little story about the organizers of this wonderful cause her name is Jade she is a Social Marketing Strategist by trade and she has a major in World Literature that’s amazing right? Why not go over and congratulate her on the amazing work she does, but not only is she a major in World Literature she is also the official New Zealand Book Fairy for the worldwide Book Fairy Movement. I know what your thinking now – because I am thinking it to “Those are some amazing achievements to have and we absolutely love that Jade has So much talent in the literature world we all love”. But that’s not all she is also a writer and writing is where her passion is. And we understand because isn’t writing so wonderful?


(Jade – featured at the next books on the bus public transport drop)

Books on the Bus NZ also have other members of the team, including Manny – Logistics, Jelly Bean – Baby Book Fairy and Fides – Book Collection Specialist. And if you would like to be featured as a book fairy then here is your opportunity to: simply follow this link to find out how you can become a book fairy and be featured on Books on the Bus NZ website as a book fairy

You can also help by donating books or becoming a book fairy yourself. So what will The Planet Humanity Project do to help – while in May 2017 we are going to become book fairies and we are going to start distributing books on our public transport systems here in the South and East Auckland, New Zealand region, We have already brought over 20 books from our local library to be distributed out on our local public transport systems and we are still collecting – we may even start sooner. Because we believe in teaching the world about books, giving public transport commuters a chance to read a book to or from work, university or on a journey – even a homeless person could pick this up and we also love that this cause also is giving everyone a chance to pay it forward.

So if you would like to join us in becoming book fairies and helping with distributing books in our public transport systems here in New Zealand or if you would like to know more information about Books on the Bus NZ then head over to the following links and you’ll be able to find all the information you need to take part:

Books on the Bus NZ Website:

Books on the Bus NZ Facebook Page:

Books on the Bus NZ Instagram:

Books on the Bus NZ Twitter:


If you would like to follow The Planet Humanity Project you can follow us on:




Written by Sheridan O’Donnell

The Planet Humanity Project TM


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