Help Andrea Fight Lymphoma because No one fights alone.

Hi everyone,

As you will all know by now my mum Andrea, who is also the Volunteer Manager of The Planet Humanity Project is fighting her battle against Lymphoma Cancer B Cell Non Hodgkins. She will also be starting treatment soon so we have started a Give a Little Page to help with medication costs, treatment costs, special dietary requirement costs and unexpected as well as related medical bills. Even just $1 helps. Because no one fights alone.

Head to this link to make a donation:

If you are an international resident and would like to donate you can donate to our paypal account email:

Other useful resources for this particular person are:

  • Apple Juice
  • Butter Vicks Cough Drops
  • Quikeze
  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Vomit Containers
  • Hand Towels
  • Bath Towels
  • Scarves
  • Beanies
  • Grocery Vouchers

I have also included her story in this post as we also have international followers.

Andrea has recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 Lymphoma Cancer. A very rare form of Blood Cancer which has spread and grown rapidly from the neck area to the kidney area. Andrea is also my lovely mother and volunteer Manager of my Project The Planet Humanity Project. My mum supports herself and others in our family on her own and she is to unwell to be able to keep up financially as she goes through many more tests and treatments to fight against Lymphoma Cancer, It is the first time she has ever had Cancer and so we have set up this page to help ease the burden’s of keeping up with any costs associated with her medical care.

My beautiful Mum lost her husband and son at different times to illnesses and is a very independent woman, she has us helping her as much as we can me being her daughter and my 2 older brothers being her sons but feel we could be doing more. So we have created this page to help Andrea get through her fight against Lymphoma Cancer – even just $1 would help – We however appreciate any help received in anyway not just financially but also in helping us in raising awareness for other Lymphoma sufferers as well.

She wants to live a full life and wants to be around in the hopes that one day she will have grand children, she wants to live to see her children find partners one day and eventually marry, she wants to fight to be alive to do all the things in this world that she never had the chance to do and now she is fighting for her life against Lymphoma Cancer.

Lymphoma is a Cancer where in some cases are treatable but cannot be cured, and their are other types of Lymphoma in which can be cured but their are no guarantees. In this case Andrea’s is treatable but we are unsure if it can be cured at this stage and are awaiting further tests.

So if you have even just $1 to help Andrea our wonderful mother we would be grateful.

The term Green Always Wins is because the color Lymphoma uses to raise awareness of Lymphoma Cancer is the color green.

Andrea is a wonderful volunteer she has saved so many lives over the years, she has brightened so many people, she has the most positive attitude even with all she is going through, she has not complained once even though she is allowed to, she just get’s up every single day with a smile on her face, get’s her hospital bag ready for all her tests, even though her heart is beating so fast and she walks into all the wards and does every single test with no complaints – she has a fighting spirit and we want to help keep her fighting spirit alive for a very long time – so if you or you know someone she has helped and touched with her heart please do share this with them as our beautiful mum and volunteer Andrea needs all the support in the world to fight against this rare form of Cancer.

Thank You.

The O’Donnell Family.

– To cover medication costs.

– To pay for treatments both medical, alternative and holistic.

– To cover any transport costs involved.

– To be able to purchase special dietary requirement supplements, food and drinks.

– To be used for any medical related items, research or treatments needed to help Andrea fight Lymphoma.

The Planet Humanity Project.



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