TPHP Help Jammies in June 2017

Hi Everyone,

It has come to the end of June 2017 which also means we have completed our chosen community charity to support. In the Month of June when we came across an initiative named Jammies in June run by The Middlemore Foundation, which is located at The Middlemore Hospital in South Auckland New Zealand we knew we had to donate to our community. At the beginning of June we put a blog post out asking the local community if they would be able to help by donating new flannelette pajamas in sizes 0-15 years old.

And the response to our post was more than what we were expecting, the general public in our community, friends and family all got behind the cause and each week more and more pajamas were being left at our door to be donated to The Middlemore Foundations Jammies in June Initiative.

jam 1

Our Owner-Operator absolutely loves Pajamas and she could not imagine a child not having a pair so she set herself a goal to collect as many pajamas as she could to make sure at least a few of the children who are admitted to Kidz First Middlemore Hospital, Auckland New Zealand would be able to open a new pair of Pajamas and make them feel just that much better while they are feeling unwell in hospital. The Middlemore Foundation has a range of programs which support children in need through a range of programs and initiatives. You can find out more about The Middlemore foundation via this link:

jammies 4.jpg

On July 6th, 2017 Our owner-operator accompanied by volunteers were able to meet Charlene Co-ordinator of the Jammies in June initiative as we headed in to Middlemore Hospital to drop off two big bags of pajamas we were so happy and excited to hear that our Pajamas were going straight down to Kidz First Emergency Department where children were unwell and in this department they treat multiple conditions such as respiratory, cancer, Rheumatic Fever and many more conditions, children and families are often unable to afford a new pair of pajamas and the excitement on children and families faces when they receive a new pair of pajamas is such a wonderful thing. The Kidz First Emergency Department is currently over its capacity with unwell children and all Pajamas that have been donated were an amazing help to the service.

jammies 1

It was an absolutely wonderful initiative to be involved with and we would like to say thank you to everyone who contributed to our Jammies in June initiative in the month of June The Papakura Local Community, The Auckland Spiritualist Churches, Diane, Caroline & Angela and Family. We are very appreciative of your kind donations.

jammies 2(Sheridan from The Planet Humanity Project pictured with Charlene from The Middlemore Foundation, Auckland, New Zealand)

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