TPHP online Anti-Bullying Competition.

The Online Anti-Bullying Awards by The Planet Humanity Project.

We are continuing our support in raising awareness for anti-bullying. We want you to send us a written paragraph which tells us how you previously have raised awareness against bullying or how you are currently raising awareness against bullying. The top 5 paragraphs will be read by Woman’s Day NZ’s Most Inspiring Woman Miss Sheridan O’Donnell and chosen by The Planet Humanity Project Volunteers. All 5 winning paragraphs will have their paragraph feature on The Planet Humanity Project Social Media Pages and Receive a Certificate for their achievement from The Planet Humanity Project.

This competition is open World Wide.

Our winning categories are as follows:

  1. Most Creative Paragraph
  2. Most Original Paragraph
  3. Most Compassionate Paragraph
  4. Most Relatable Paragraph
  5. Most Effective Paragraph
Competition Ends July 30th 2017, All winners will be contacted via email or facebook message.
Send all your entries to with Anti-Bullying Comp in the subject line.
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