Special Announcement: Most Inspirational Woman.

Hi Everyone,

It’s Sheridan here I am writing this post to let you all know that last week I received a call from The New Zealand Woman’s Day Magazine who informed me that I have received the title of New Zealand’s Most Inspirational Woman in a promotion run by Woman’s Day, Bauer Media and Recent Award Winner for best in Beauty 2017 Vivo Hair and Beauty.

I am honored to receive such an amazing title as a result Vivo Hair & Beauty will be taking care of all my hair & make-up essentials over the next year and my profile, my project (The Planet Humanity Project) and more about my personality will feature in one New Zealand Woman’s Day Magazine Article in stores nationwide and online at Woman’s Day. The release date is yet to be confirmed I will keep you all updated on when you can purchase your copy from your local store or subscribe online to read the article.

Thank you to all my sponsors, causes and friends and family involved who have supported me so far. I am grateful and humbled. You can check out my project at our website via this link: http://theplanethumanityproject.WebStarts.com

Thank You to my anonymous nominator, Bauer Media, Vivo Hair & Beauty and Woman’s Day New Zealand.

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Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theplanethumanityproject/

Kind Regards,

Sheridan O’Donnell

Owner-Operator at The Planet Humanity Project.



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