It’s May – Find out who our next project is..

We are heading into the May 2017 now and that means we are also starting some new projects we have outlined what they are and how you can get involved below:

We have our stickers and our books ready and we are going to spend a whole month, taking part in Books on the Bus New Zealand. It’s an amazing project in which you leave new or used books on public transport for a random person to pick up and enjoy reading and then leave the book for someone else to read to find out more follow this link:


The Planet Humanity Project TM


2 thoughts on “It’s May – Find out who our next project is..

  1. Thank you very much for your comment. Hi Mr Midnight and Sir Winston thank you for following our project. We have tried to find a Books on the Bus project in your area but can see they do not have one yet but we do have a link where you can find more information or even start your own if you wanted to. We hope to visit Germany in the Future and we hope to meet you then. The team at The Planet Humanity Project

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