A note to my critics..

Hi everyone,

This is just a small note to our followers – this has been on my mind for a while now and usually I will just brush it off and move on but I wanted to speak out for everyone who is just starting out and following their dreams. When I first had a vision to help projects in community and charities, etc. I was still learning and still developing my ideas and testing them out. I had so much support, but I also had one person say “I’m not humble enough.”, My works not good enough. These statements still sit with me today this was the first time in my whole life someone had said I was not a humble person – yet for years and years my genuine and closest friends would describe me as the most humble person they ever met with a big heart.” I knew at that point that this person that was supposed to support me did not, also I do not accept criticism from someone who is not a mentor, supporter or works in the industry I am all for constructive criticism as that is how I grow.

But I do not accept criticism on who I am as a person from someone I realize does not know me at all. I now speak out because I want you to believe in your dreams, Back then I should of stood up for myself, but  I, didn’t I was very young and very vulnerable back then, so I’m speaking out now and I hope they read this because when 2017 came and I received an email to say congratulations, you‘ve been nominated for a certificate of achievement for your work in the community, Hi there could we feature your story in The Tatooed Apple Magazine, hi there could we write a story in the woman’s weekly.

I was anxious because my thought was someone is going to pull me apart again for receiving these awards. Yet I had to change these thoughts around and I thought about the people that support us, that follow me, that were with me from the start without a doubt they believed in me even if someone else didn’t. And I realized that we are good enough, my work is good enough for this world and how much I’ve grown.

The statement did not motivate me it did not help me grow, in fact, it did teach me that the people that believed in you from the start are the people you take with you on your journey, if someone only believes in you and supports you when you achieve what you were aiming for and did not support you before then do not take them with you on your journey for you are the person that did the work, you are the person that believed in your ability to make your dreams come true, Don’t ever let someone make you feel like you’re not good enough, or that you’re not going to make it because you are believe me you are, and you’re going to find your voice your success will speak for itself.

I want every single person reading this right now to know that I believe in you, I believe in your journey, I know it might be hard to get started to get your dreams off the ground, but please don’t give up – learn and grow, use your voice, know who your true friends are and always always believe in your vision.

And when someone wants to be a part of my journey now I always ask these three questions.

  1. What do you do?
  2. How have you helped this world?
  3. What have you learned?

And believe me, I have very specific ideas of how I want these questions answered and the reason I ask this is because my criticism came from someone who I’ve never heard has donated to a charity or helped a homeless person. And so I hope they read these three questions and become humble enough to at least give a coin to a homeless man, or save an animal or even help a child at war or in need.

Because it was in fact this person that was not humble enough to bring them-self down to a person in needs level for at least one second of there day. I am completely free from this now, but I will not be taking this person on my journey for it is me and my supporters who did the work to come this far. However I do wish them well, I wish them happiness and I wish for them to find their way in this world. I support that they support the people around me and I hope that one day they find true happiness within themselves to allow them to one day be genuinely happy for other people’s success, but I will no longer allow them to criticize me and my achievements.

Yours Truly,

Sheridan O’Donnell


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