Week 3: 52 Books in 52 Weeks Community Project – The Planet Humanity Project

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to week 3’s Humanitarian Project. This week we are blogging about taking part in the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge. Now for those that do not know what this is. It is a challenge to read 52 books in 52 weeks!

We then share a photo of the books we read and what number book it is. Plus some people will write a review on the books they liked. Now I must admit I am only on book number 13 yes, it is a challenge – but another person has hit her target of reading 52 books wow! What a great task!

Now from what I have read so far my favorite books have been Triple Ripple by Brigid Lowry, It is a fantasy book about a teenage girl who is trying to fit in at school. And a Princess who is being treated like a slave.

I also enjoyed reading Ambitious by Monica McKayhan which is a book about a Dancer that comes from the wealthy side of town and a Dancer who comes from a less fortunate side of town.

And I am currently enjoying The Cat that God Sent by best selling author Jim Kraus, It is about a man who is struggling to find the god within himself and how the cat helps him to believe again.

It is an amazing challenge that has brought our Auckland, New Zealand community together online to discuss our joy of reading, let each other know which books we should check out and it has helped to establish an online community connection with each other.

Why not start a challenge in your community in the form of an online Book Club and take on the challenge to read 52 books in 52 weeks. Or head over and join the Auckland, New Zealand group on Facebook via this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1551591918428459/

Now I have 39 more books to read before December 30th 2015. Do you think I can do it? Keep following us to keep up with our progress also why not join me in the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge and share with me what you enjoyed reading! Also, why not suggest some books for me to read to complete this challenge by commenting below.

The Planet Humanity Project by Princezz Pinkz

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